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About the Director

Stefani Longshamp
It's all about that one moment

My entire childhood I was engrossed in theatre!  Summer afternoons as a kid were spent in National School of Drama, playing, perfecting and learning drama. While other kids argued over school yard games, I was performing one person plays and developing characters. ​​'Improvisations', an impromptu acting game, became my nature while I was growing up. Under the guidance of my teacher, guru: Mr. Wallter Peter.


I pursued my artistry at National School of Drama, as a professional artist, in 2011 & at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Kolkata specialising in film editing, as an editor and director over the years.

Later on, I went on to bag several awards and directed films, rani, indefensible space, Laal Seb, which were all received in national film festivals and international official selections. 

My student film 'Kharratey' won a prestigious LA-India connect award, which got me an offer from UTV motion picture, now Disney India to assist in the feature production Raja Natwarlaal, with Kunal Deshmukh. 

Since then crafting stories, trapping the quirk of life and experiences working on numerous productions and international, short form, collaborations, my work has found it's way to the next door neighbour.


I like being engaging with my films, and the people, whether it reflects their own experience or showing them a side of life they have never seen.

Max Reinert


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